2016 Events

Congrats to our 2016 Champions Omnia Dynasty



Broad Jump Max

Each player on your team will have 2 attempts at a max distance standing broad jump. You must leave from 2 planted feet with no steps or running start. You will be jumping into a sand pit and your distance will be marked from the closest point of disturbed sand to the start.


Score will be the sum of the best jump from each player.



15 min AMRAP
8 T2B
8 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
2 Clean & Jerks

Clean & Jerk Loads (Value)
135/95 (1)
155/105 (2)
185/115 (3)
205/125 (4)
225/135 (5)
245/145 (6)
265/155 (7)
285/165 (8)
305/175 (9) 


Each player will start at 1 of the 4 stations. When you complete your reps, you rotate to the next station. You may begin the next station when the previous player has completed all reps at that station.

*The Clean & Jerk station is not mandatory. So, if a player reaches the C&J station and elects to pass, they may rest until the HSPU station opens up for them. If a player elects to pass, they are required to pass that station for the remainder of the WOD. C&J station completed is worth the value (x) toward your score. Each of the other stations is worth 1 pt toward your score. You will only receive points for a fully completed station.

Your team is in charge of changing weight at the C&J station.

Score will be total points accumulated by your team in 15 mins.



Drawing for this event will happen immediately after the finish of Event 1.

Draw 4 of:
Bench Press
Thruster (rack)
Overhead Squat (rack)
Hang Snatch
Jerk (rack)
Weighted Pullup

Draw 4 of:
1RM, 2RM, 3RM, 5RM

Draw 4 of:
Male, Male
Female, Female


Example: We will draw the movement, the Rep Scheme, & gender. Then repeat 3 more times. Once a movement, rep or gender is drawn, they will be removed so they cannot be drawn again. You will have the choice of where to place each male and female. In the end, there will be 2 Male Lifts and 2 Female lifts at one of the different Rep Schemes. The order will be the same order the lifts are drawn.

Player 1: Find a RM.
Player 2: Find a RM.
Player 3: Find a RM.
Player 4: Find a RM.
19 min Total

The bar will be clear of weight until the clock starts. There are no time constraints for any person. Once player 1 finds their RM, Player 2 will start. Once a player has finalized their score and transitioned to the next player, they cannot lift again. Your team can help with loading weight throughout the event. This gives an average of 4 min each with time for transitions. You can decide how much time each player uses but must have all RM complete, in order, at the final buzzer.

Your score is the total sum of all 4 best lifts.



Your team will determine your order before the event and you will be marked 1-4. You must stay in this order for each task.

Task 1: Swim 400 yds
Task 2: Ride 200 Cal Assault Bike + 20 Rope Climbs
Mini Challenge:  5 min Sandbag Overs
Task 3: Sprint 1200 yds

Task 1:
Swim 400 yds = 16 Lengths

All 4 teammates will start in the pool on the same side. At go, the player marked 1 will swim 1 length of the pool (25 yds). As soon as the judge on the opposite end sees your hand touch the wall, he/she will raise an American flag which indicates to the next player that it's time to start. All 4 players will swim 1 length to the opposite side. When player 4 reaches the end and the judge raises the Stars & Stripes, player 1 will return to the starting end of the pool. This order will continue until all 4 teammates have completed 4 lengths each. After the final length, an athlete may exit the pool and move to the patio outside to gear up.

Only when all 4 athletes finish the swim and are outside on the green carpet, your first teammate may start Task 2.

Walking in the pool is strictly prohibited. If you touch the bottom during your swim and advance forward, your judge will raise a black penalty flag. If this happens, you must return to the previous wall and begin your length over. JUST DON'T TOUCH THE BOTTOM. If you leave the wall early before the previous swimmer touches, your judge will raise the black flag and you will have to start that length over.

There will be a 10 min tapout for Task 1. At 10 min, all 4 players must exit the pool from the starting side. If you are on the opposite side, you must move through the water back to the start before you get out. If a team reaches tapout before completing the Task, your team will be assessed a 1 min penalty for each incomplete length.

Task 2:
Ride 200 Cal
20 Rope Climbs (15')

When your team completes Task 1, you will move immediately to Task 2 outside. You can choose any rope/bike station. You must complete 20 alternating Rope Climbs. Player marked 1 must be the first to climb the rope. The order will follow with player 2, 3, 4, then back to player 1. Each player will complete 5 climbs for a total of 20.

At the same time as the climbs, you will also have an assault bike to ride. You must complete 200 Cal as a team. There is no order for the bike or minimum amount any player must ride.

There is a 10 min tapout for Task 2. Your time will begin as soon as a player is on the rope or starts on the bike. For any incomplete reps at the tapout time you will receive a penalty of:
Incomplete Climbs = 1 min
Incomplete Cal = 10 Sec.

When both portions of the task are complete, your team will move on to the Mini Challenge.

Mini Challenge:
Lift and Let Die

After Task 2, your team will move to the sandbag over station. As soon as any player touches a sandbag, your clock will start and you will begin the 5 min AMRAP. After 5 min, your team will move on to Task 3.

Task 3:
Sprint 1200 yds

Player 1 will start with a 75 yd (37.5x2) sprint. You will run down the course (straight), around a keg and back to the start. You will carry a baton which you will then pass to player 2. Your team will follow this order until all 4 players have completed 4 sprints each for a total of 16 sprints. When player 4 crosses the finish line after the final sprint, your time will be recorded.


Final score will be the time to complete the course with any penalties assessed.


Lift and let die

Your task is to accumulate as many sandbags over the wall as possible in 5 min.

All 4 bags will start on one side of the wall. Your team will split up with a male/female pair on each side of the wall. Only one side of the wall can work at a time.

At go, the pair with the sandbags will lift them over the wall. You have the option to lift 1 or both of your gender's bags. 

If you choose not to throw one of your bags on your turn, that bag cannot be thrown for the remainder of the workout. For example, if the women choose to throw just the yellow bag from the start, the blue bag cannot be used at any time during the WOD.

The opposite pair may not start lifting bags until the first pair is finished. Men lift Red and Black, Women lift Blue and Yellow. Once the first pair completes their throws, the second pair can begin to return the bags over the wall.

Pairs on the same side of the wall may not work together. Players on the opposite side of the wall may not help pull the bags over. The lift is successful when the sandbag passes over the wall and hits the ground on the opposite side. Each successful lift of the sandbag over the wall is worth the corresponding point value.

5 min AMRAP
Sandbag Overs

Male/Female pair on each side of the wall. Your team will have 4 sandbags weighing:

Blue 70# (2pts)
Yellow 90# (3pts)

Red 120# (2pts)
Black 150# (3pts)

Wall - 52" High




**This event is comprised of 3 stations. You will start at Station 1 with a partner of the opposite sex. At Station 2 you will work with your teammate of the same sex. At Station 3 you will work with the other teammate of the opposite sex.

Station 1: Row 1200m

A: 4 sets of 300m (2 each, alternating)
B: 8 sets of 150m (4 each, alternating)

Station 2: Chipper

50 Snatch (115/75)
50 Thrusters (115/75)

Station 3: Triplet

Triplet A:
2 Rounds
10 Ring Muscle Ups
20 Lateral Bar Over Burpees
30 DB Overhead Squats (55/35) *1 DB

Triplet B:
2 Rounds
10 Bar Muscle Ups
20 Lateral Bar Over Burpees
30 Pistols


You will work with each of your teammates throughout this Event. Male/Female pairs for Station 1, Same gender pairs for Station 2, and Male/other Female pairs for station 3.

When a pair completes a station, they will move to the next station and may begin immediately. Your row must be fully complete before you can start Station 2 but you do not have to wait until the other pair finishes the row before you start with your bar work.

It is your choice who does Part A or B for Station 1 and Part A or B for Station 3, as long as you work with someone different at every station.

For Stations 2 & 3, there is no minimum work for any player. 

When a pair finishes Station 3, they will run back across the finish line and their time will be recorded.

There will be a 22 min tapout. For any incomplete reps by a pair at the tapout time, your team will be assessed a 2 sec per rep penalty.

Your score will be Time A + Time B.

*Read up on the standards for each movement and rower.


From 307 with love

We will follow our tradition of truly not knowing what the final workout will be. The workout will be announced immediately following the conclusion of Event 4 on Sunday.

Fans voted for 3 of:
GHD Situps
Wall Balls
DB Snatch
Wall Walks

Already selected:
Double Unders

Final voted worked was:
8 min AMRAP, each athlete works for 1 min the rotates
20 Wall Balls
20 Pullups
20 Deadlifts (185/115)
60 Double Unders