Congratulations to our 2016 Champions:
Omnia Dynasty from CrossFit Omnia



2 girls + 2 guys to a team.
36 Teams this year!


Oct 8 Saturday: 7am - 6pm
Oct 9 Sunday: 8am - 2pm


CrossFit307 in Casper, WY (Located at LifeTime Health & Fitness, 300 Landmark Dr.)


7 EVENTs: 5 WODs including all 4 teammates + 2 MINI-CHALLENGEs. All WODs will be released, except the final Mystery WOD.  Look for releases starting as soon as the event is filled.


Aug 8 | Noon MST

2015 filled in less than 6 mins with over 15 teams on the waiting list.  The field has been expanded to 36 teams this year!


Overall 1st Place Team - $1800
Overall 2nd Place Team - $900
Overall 3rd Place Team - $450
**Finishers on the podium will receive a guaranteed spot (1 per team) in next year's Throwdown along with products from our sponsors.


Holiday Inn Express
Mention CrossFit307 for $117 before Sep 27
(307) 237-4200


This year's Throwdown is going to require a lot of help!  We'll be looking for judges and volunteers. Judges will be required to have some personal CrossFit experience.  You will also be required to attend your specified Judges Clinic, which will be announced at a later date.  Sign up starting August 8th at the desk if you would like to help out. Thanks to you for making this event possible!

The latest edition of the CrossFit Judges Course has been released on We recommend everyone going through it! 



The 307 Throwdown tests your fitness and teamwork.  This is a list of the most challenging movements that could potentially be programmed.  There will not be the option to scale any movement or weight.

Swim, Run, Ride, Row - Yes
Clean & Jerk - 185/115
Snatch - 135/95
Overhead Squats - 135/95
Deadlift - 225/155
Thruster - 165/105
Muscle Ups - At least two teammates
C2B Pullups - Yes

Rope Climb - Yes (all)
Toes to Bar - Yes
HSPU - Yes
Double Unders - Yes
Pistols - Yes
DB Snatch - 55/35
GHD Situp/Extension - Yes


2016 EVENTS:

Event 1 (100 pts)
Event 2 (100 pts)
Event 3 (100 pts)
Event 4 (100 pts)
Event 5 (100 pts)
Mini Challenge 1 (50 pts)
Mini Challenge 2 (50 pts)


All WODs (5) are worth 100 points and Mini-Challenges (2) are worth 50 points. Depending on your finish, your team will receive the corresponding amount of points for each event. Here is a list of the point values per finishing place.