For Time
25 Synchro BF Burpees (4)
50 Synchro HSPU (2)
75 synchro T2B (2)
Synchro Overhead Squats
10 reps - 95/65
8 reps - 125/85
6 reps - 155/105
4 reps - 185/125

*15 min tapout

WOD Details & Standards

At go, your team will begin with synchronized Bar Facing Burpees. You will have 2 bars set up in line. All 4 athletes begin the rep with chests touching the ground at the same time. IF any athlete rises before all athletes' chests are on the ground, it will be  a no rep. All will burpee up and jump over the bar with 2 feet and landing on 2 feet. The rep is complete once all make it over the bar. The jumps do not have to be in sync. Each pair of athletes must jump inside the plates of the barbell they are jumping over. If any person's foot touches the bar on a jump, it will be a no rep. If a no rep occurs, all 4 athletes must start the rep over on the side of the no rep.

Once the burpees are completed, you will move to the wall for Handstand Push Ups. 2 athletes must each complete a HSPU for 1 rep. The rep starts with both athletes inverted with hands completely inside the box on the mat, arms locked out and feet touching the wall inside shoulder width. Both must lower down and touch head to the mat then push back up to the starting position. Once both complete pushup and return to the starting position, the rep will count. The pushup portion does not have to be in sync. Any 2 athletes can perform these reps and there is no minimum for any athlete. You can switch out athletes as much as you need to. Any athlete can work with any other athlete.

Next is synchronized T2B between 2 athletes. The rep starts with both athletes hanging from the bar with feet behind the bar. Both athletes will then raise and touch the bar with both feet at the same time for a rep to be counted. You may switch who is doing the work however you'd like and there is no minimum work for any player.

The Overhead Squats will be synchronized in male/female pairs. Each pair will complete the set number of reps at each weight. Pair 1 will complete the full amount of reps before pair 2 begins at that weight. Your team will be responsible for changing weights. Both bars must start in the fully locked out overhead position. You and your partner will then complete a squat below parallel and return to the top fully locked out position. The checkpoints for a good rep your judge will look for: an instant when both bars are in the top locked out position at the start, an instant when both are in the full squat below parallel and finally an instant when both are fully locked out and in control in the top.

Your score will be your time to complete or total reps at the tapout time.

Through Fire

Waterfall 1:
15 KB Swings 32/24
15 Box Jump Overs 24/20
15 C2B Pullups

Waterfall 2:
15 C2B Pullups
15 Box Jump Overs
15 KB Swings

Waterfall 2 begins immediately after Waterfall 1 ends.

*8 min tapout

WOD Details

Waterfall start. Player 1 will complete swings and move to box, player 2 may begin swings once player 1 finishes. Follow this method until all players have completed the set of pullups in Waterfall 1.

Once Player 4 completes Waterfall 1, Player 1 will start the second waterfall with another set of pullups and work back to the start. Follow the same order and method as the first waterfall. Your time will end when ALL ATHLETES CROSS THE FINISH LINE.

Movement Standards

This will be a Standard American Swing. The rep will be counted when the kettlebell is overhead with arms locked out. The bell does not have to be pointing straight to the ceiling, but... the bell, not handle, MUST reach the line directly over your feet and head when arms are locked out. 

Each rep begins with a two footed jump, step ups are not permitted. The athlete may jump over the box without touching or may land on top before jumping /stepping off the other side. The athlete may not use their hands and the feet must go over the box, not around it. Touching the box with a hand is a no rep.

The rep will start when the athlete is hanging from the bar with arms fully extended. The rep will be complete when the athlete touches chest to the pullup bar.


Hercules Complex

14 min clock
Each teammate completes the complex for a max weight

1 Squat Clean
1 ???
1 ???
1 ???
1 ???
1 ???
1 ???

WOD Details & Standards

The Hercules Complex will be determined at the athlete briefing Saturday morning with a drawing. The Complex will start with a Squat Clean. It will be followed by the drawn movements in the order of drawing. The bar cannot be dropped throughout the complex. You can only rest in the overhead, front rack or hang position. If you happen to do an incorrect rep or rep out of order, you may continue the complex where your last valid rep was, without dropping. Your score will be the total of the 4 athletes' best valid lifts.

Movements in the drawing:
Hang Power Clean
Hang Power Clean
Squat Clean
Squat Clean
Hang Squat Clean
Hang Squat Clean
Front Squat
Front Squat

Neptune's MM

2000m Relay
Ski 400
Swim 100

*16 min Tapout

WOD Details & Standards

Teammate 1 will ski 400m then swim 100. As soon as he/she completes the swim by touching the side wall, the 2nd teammate can start the ski.

The ski erg must reach 400 before you can enter the water. You may not start the ski until your teammate has touched the side wall completing their 100m swim. Once the 4th person finishes the swim your time will be marked. If your team does not finish at the tapout time, your score will be total m ski + completed lengths.

You must SWIM from one end of the pool to the other end without touching the bottom for 4 lengths. If you touch the bottom you will be required to go back and start that length over. You MAY touch the bottom at an end once you've touched the wall with your hand.

You may enter the water with a dive from the side. Be sure that you don't touch the bottom...

Pluto's Infernum

3 Rounds
14 Cal Row
14 DB Snatch (55/35)

3 Sled Pulls each (225/135)
Max Cal Ride

Switch and repeat

*17 min Tapout

WOD Details & Standards

All athletes will start behind the starting line. At go, the men start on the Row/Snatch couplet and the girls head to the sled. M1 will complete a full round of rowing and snatching, then M2 will complete a full round. You will complete 3 rounds each. You cannot leave your rower until 14 Cal is reached. DB Snatches will follow the open standards. The dumbbell starts on the floor and is lifted to above the head in one motion. At the top the arm must be fully extended, hips and knees fully extended. Arms must be alternated. Both heads of the dumbbell must touch the ground between reps. The DB cannot be dropped from above the knees. If it is, the rep is a no rep.

The women start on the pull and ride station when the clock starts. F1 will pull the sled (3 plates) 1 length (24'). F2 will then pull the sled back 1 length. Each will complete 3 pulls. As soon as they are complete, they can head to the bike and share the burden for max cal in the remaining time until the men finish the first station. For the pull, your feet have to stay behind the line when pulling. The sled must be completely behind the starting line before you begin and only the front point of the sled must cross the finish line for your rep to be complete.

Once the men finish the row/snatch station, the pairs will switch stations. The females will begin the rowing and snatch couplet and each complete 3 rounds. Your team will be responsible for adding weights for the men's sled pull (5 plates). The men will complete 3 lengths sled pull each then head to the bike to contribute to the team's max cal ride.

The wod is complete when the female pair finishes the couplet and all teammates cross the finish line. Calories from the bike will be worth 1 sec each deducted from the overall time. If you have any incomplete sled pulls at tapout, each is worth 30 sec added to your time.

If your team reaches tapout before finishing all the Rowing and Snatches: Your score will be total reps (Row/Snatch) + Sled Pulls (each worth 30 sec) - Cal from the Bike.


5 Rounds Pair 1
5 Rounds Pair 2

18' HS Walk
6 Rope Climbs 15'
18' HS Walk
6 DBall Throws 150/100

WOD Details & Standards

A male/female pair will start with a run to the HS start line. Each person will have to handstand walk a length. There will be a lane for each to go at the same time. There will be checkpoints every 6' that you must cross with both hands. If  you come down before the checkpoint or end line you have restart at the previous line. When you kick up into your handstand both feet must be behind the start line or checkpoint line.

Once both players complete the HS walk, you will share the burden of Rope Climbs (15'). There is no minimum for either player. You may use your legs and must touch the 15' marker before controlling your way down.

The pair will HS walk back after the Climbs are complete. You will then share the burden of the DBall throws (150/100). There is no minimum for either player. The ball starts on the ground and must be clearly lifted over either shoulder with hips fully extended.

Once the 5th round is complete, the first pair will run  and tag the second pair. The second pair will begin their 5 rounds. 

Once all 5 rounds are complete by both pairs, pair 2 must run to the finish line for a final time. Tapout time is 22 min. If you fail to complete all 10 rounds, your total reps will be your score. Each checkpoint of both teammates' HS walk will count as a rep in scoring.

Caesar's Wish

Mystery WOD
All teams will compete

Bar Muscle Ups
Ring Muscle Ups


DEADLIFTS (245/165)
THRUSTERS (135/95)


WOD Details

Caesar's Wish will be granted  Sunday immediately after Prevail.

Every movement will follow common standards. For the box jump overs, you will not be allowed to touch the box with your hands and do not need to open your hips at the top.