2018 Events


Part 1: Male/Female
12 Rounds
8 Wall Balls (30/20)
8 T2B
2 Clean & Jerk (185/125)

*Alternate each movement. 10 min timecap.

Part 2: Male/Female
3 Rounds
30 Cal Ride
20 Burpee BJO (24/20)
10 Ring Muscle Ups

*Shared Burden. 20 min timecap for entire workout.

Workout Details

All teammates will begin behind the starting line. At GO, the first pair will enter the floor. The first M/F pair will have 10 min to complete Part 1. When Part 1 is completed or 10 min on the clock is reached, the pair will tag the second M/F pair to begin Part 2. When the second pair completes Part 2 and crosses the finish line your time will be marked. For each rep incomplete from Part 1 and Part 2 your team will be assessed a 5 sec penalty to your overall time.

Part 1: Male or Female may start. The first partner will complete the Wall Balls. Then, after tagging hands, the second partner will complete the T2B. Then the first partner will complete the C&Js. Then the second partner will complete the Wall Balls etc.
*After each station, the partners MUST tag hands.

Part 2: This workout is shared burden with no minimum work required by either partner.
*Whenever the partners are switching out whether within a station or between stations they MUST tag hands.

Burpee Box Jump Overs: There is no requirement for facing the box on the burpee. The rep will count after you jump over and off the box. No step ups allowed. No hands allowed to touch the box on the jump.

All other movements will follow normal CrossFit Open Standards.

Crow's Nest

in 6 min:
7 Snatch (135/95)
5 Snatch (160/110)
3 Snatch (185/125)
2 Snatch (205/140)
1 Snatch (225/155)

Workout Details

Your team will have 5 bars set up for men and 5 for women. At GO, the first male and first female will begin on their first bar. Once an athlete finishes the first set of snatches, he/she moves to the second bar and the second athlete begins the first bar. Once the first male and female athletes complete the first bar, all 4 athletes will be snatching.

When each athlete completes the final snatch a time will be marked. Your overall time will be the sum of all 4 athletes’ times. Any incomplete reps at 6 minutes will each be worth a 30 second penalty added to the total time.

Any style of snatch from the floor is allowed.

6 min Rest before Paradise Voyage

Paradise Voyage

6 min Row
6 min Ride
6 min Ski
6 min Run

Workout Details

Your team will have 3 Rowers, 3 Bikes and 3 Skiergs. At GO, 3 of your athletes will begin rowing for max Cal in 6 min. The 4th teammate can swap in on any rower at any time. There is no minimum work requirement for any teammate. There is no minimum or maximum amount of times you can swap out on the rower. At 6 min, your team will move to the bikes. You may not get on a bike until the 6 min of rowing is complete. The same rules apply to the bikes. At 12 min, your team will move to the Skiergs and complete 6 more minutes. At 18 min, your team will enter the track portion.

Run: All 4 teammates will pick up your rope and begin running laps. Each fully complete lap (~130m) by your team will count as 50 points to your overall score.

The total Cal from all 3 rowers, bikes and skiergs and the points from the run will be your team’s overall score.

6 min Rest before Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger

6 min AMRAP

Synchro DBall Cleans

Workout Details

Each team will have 4 DBalls - 150, 150, 100, 100. DBall Clean to Shoulder by 4 teammates = 1 rep

The rep counts when all 4 DBalls are on shoulder in full lockout and control.

Treasure chest

In 25 min
Max Back Squat
Max Bench Press
Max Deadlift

Workout Details

Your team will have 25 min to each find a max lift in all 3 lifts. You may attempt as many times as needed. Your team will have 1 squat station, 1 bench station and 1 deadlift station.

Your total score will be all 4 teammates’ best lifts totalled together.

Belts and knee sleeves are allowed.


Squat: The lifter must bend the knees and lower the body until the top surface of the legs at the hip joint is lower than the top of the knees. The lifter must recover to an upright position with the knees locked. Double bouncing at the bottom of the squat or any downward movement during the ascent is not permitted. Dropping of the bar after a completed lift will result in a no rep, re-rack the bar after your attempt.

Bench: During lift, head, shoulders and butt must be in contact with the bench. The feet must stay in contact with the floor. Plates may be used under the feet to achieve footing. The lifter must lower the bar to the chest or abdominal area and must come to a complete stop before pressing the bar to the starting position with elbows locked.

Deadlift: Sumo Deadlift is not allowed. The lifter’s hands must be placed wider than the feet in the starting position. The lift is complete when the lifter is standing erect with the shoulders back. Supporting the bar on the thighs during the lift will be a no rep.

All Hands On Deck

12 Rope Climbs

25 Box Step Overs

7-6-5 OHS (155/105)

7-6-5 Deficit HSPU (4")

7-6-5 Thrusters (155/105)

25 box step overs

12 Rope Climbs

*20 min Timecap

Men will use 2x 45# Bags and a 24" Box. Women 2x 30# Bags and a 20" Box.

Men will use 2x 45# Bags and a 24" Box.
Women 2x 30# Bags and a 20" Box.

Workout Details

At GO, your team will enter the floor from behind the starting line. Starting with Athlete 1, each teammate will do 1 Rope Climb, then repeat until all have done 3 rounds of climbs. Then as a team, you will do 25 Synchro Box Step Overs (24/20") holding 2 sandbags each (45/30#). Then your team will move to the barbell. Athlete 1 will complete 7 OHS and continuing in the same order, each will complete 7 OHS. Then each will do 6 OHS, etc.. Your team must stay in order. Your team will then move to the wall and you will follow the same order and rep scheme. Then you will move back to the bar and complete Thrusters. Your team will then move back to the box and complete another set of step overs followed by another 3 rounds of rope climbs, alternating every climb through the 4 teammates. Once the final athlete completes the last rope climb your team must cross the finish line to get a final time.

After the OHS the final athlete finishing work (Athlete 4) MUST TAG HANDS with the athlete about to start work (Athlete 1) on the HSPU. After the HSPU the final athlete finishing work (Athlete 4) must tag hands with the athlete about to start work (Athlete 1) on the Thrusters.

Sandbag Step Overs (24/20"): The sandbags will be held in a farmers carry position. Pretend you’re carrying in the groceries. The sandbags cannot touch the box when you are stepping up and over. You do not have to fully extend the hips at the top. Both feet must touch the top of the box in the step over. The rep starts with all 4 athletes on the same side of the box and concludes once all 4 athletes have stepped up and over the box. If a no rep occurs, your team does not have to return to the other side of the box. If a no rep occurs, all 4 athletes must start over and do another full rep.

OHS: You may begin with a squat snatch. The rep will count when you pass through a below parallel position and return to a fully locked out top position. You will follow CrossFit standards for an OHS.

Rope Climbs: You may use your legs and must touch the 15’ mark before controlling your way down. The ropes will be shortened like the ropes seen in regionals.

Deficit HSPU: 45” Bumper Plates will be used for the deficit. The plates do not have to be touching the wall but must be fully on the mat. The rep starts with the athlete inverted with hands completely on top of the plates, arms locked out and feet touching the wall inside shoulder width. The athlete will lower down and touch head to the mat then push back up to the starting position.

Thrusters: You may begin with a squat clean. The rep will count when you pass through a below parallel position and finish in a fully locked out position. You will follow CrossFit standards for a thruster.

Each rep incomplete at timecap is a 1 sec penalty.


Mystery Wod

Workout Details

Mutiny will be released on Sunday morning after the first workout of the day.